Dear Future Me

Dear future me, I bet you don’t remember this moment or this day, because it is a normal day, like any other.  I know in advance that you would never read this letter, or you won’t even remember writing it.  But I felt like telling you a couple of things. First, I hope you are… Continue reading Dear Future Me


Belgium & Germany Travel Guide

Have you ever experienced one of those mornings, when you open your eyes, the sun is rising, it is time to leave your comfy bed, time to start your daily routine, drink that morning coffee with one eye opened and one closed until you are fully awake. And you start thinking about life, people that… Continue reading Belgium & Germany Travel Guide

A Part Of Me

First of all, let's welcome you all with a brief introduction. Well, the idea of initiating a blog has drawn in my mind approximately a year ago. As I said in my biography, I'm going to study my undergraduate degree abroad. So during this last year, I have dedicated most of my leisure time to blog-reading about people's experiences abroad, and what is like… Continue reading A Part Of Me