Wardrobe Reform

The best part of having a blog is the brainstorming process of coming up with ideas about what to post. Although, some days it is easier than others, every once in a while, creative burns out.

Lately, I have piles of ideas in mind, all related to fashion, one of my favorite topics, as you may know. However, since this is a totally new topic on my blog, the hard part is choosing what I think you guys will find worth reading.

So, instead of playing the guessing game, I thought it would make sense to solve one of my main problems: 

Standing in front of the closet every morning wondering what to wear. 

Seven months ago, when I started living in Denmark, I realized the importance of maintaining your closet over the time so that everything is easy to find. This is extremely important, not only in our daily routine but also when we have to go on a trip and pack.

The goal is having a wardrobe where everything is easy to find, a wardrobe full of clothes that you love and use so that we can make a perfect outfit out of them.

It wasn’t until I had to pack all my stuff when I realized that my wardrobe was full of unused clothes, clothes that I hadn’t even worn since I bought them, and this was only because of the lack of organization.

Thus, moving out and moving in I have learned quite a lot about wardrobe maintenance, so as to have a long-term functional closet according to everyone’s style.

So today, we are going to start from scratch, step by step in order to refresh our closets, and within it, our style.

Along these months, I will be covering these steps, going through them deeply as well as sharing tips and ideas about how to have the perfect closet.

For now, my advice is that when you go shopping focus on similar colors and patterns, so as to achieve this goal, and edit your actual wardrobe while developing your personal style.

Step 1 Step 2



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