Up To The North | Cies Islands Travel Guide

Have you ever been in one of those places where everything seems to be different? Where nothing matters but relaxing? I have, that place is Galicia. For me, Galicia has something special, maybe it’s the strong scent of the sea or its saltflavor, maybe it’s just the different environment which helps me to relax, who knows.  In other words, Galicia is THE PLACE to spend summers in, because that’s what summer means, isn’t it? Relaxing and getting away from everything stressful that surrounds us.

If I had to choose a place to live, it undoubtedly would be a big city. A crowded place where you can enjoy walking around the multitude or shopping downtown. However, when it is time to spend a couple of relaxing weeks, I personally prefer a small area, away from the noise and the traffic jumps. This is due to the fact that, since I can remember, I spend approximately one or two weeks in the north, in a charming town calledLA GUARDIA (Pontevedra)

   This little town is the perfect atmosphere to disconnect.

The Atlantic coast is full of nature, peaceful beaches, and cheerful people. THE PERFECT COMBINATION! And, even more importantly, it’s surrounded by magnificent islands such as Las Islas Cíes or Las Islas Ohm. 

This year I got to visit the first one, Las Islas Cíes, which left me with no words. Now I understand why The Guardian appointed one of its beaches, La Playa de Rodas, as the top beach of the word. The locals, proudly, call it their “Caribbean beach”. 

If you want to know about the best beaches in the world, I would highly recommend this article about 5 beaches you can only reach by yacht.

   It’s a perfect crescent of soft, pale sand backed by small dunes sheltering a calm lagoon of crystal-clear sea to spend your lazy summer days.


Besides, this jewel of the stunning Atlantic coastline of Galicia has far more than magnificent beaches. It also provides tourists a great variety of activities from kayaking and walks shaded by tall pine trees to sleeping with a view over the ocean in its pleasurable campsite. (Camping Islas Cies) is opened Easter week and June to September).

Definitely, my favorite part was walking all the way up to the highest spot of the Island, FARO DA PORTA. There you can enjoy the most amazing views you can imagine, although it takes quite a lot of effort, it’s worth it.


On the way to the “Faro”, you can find several stops such as “PEDRA DA CAMPA”. Here you can rest and climb a huge rock with a hole on it, where magnificent views can be seen.


I highly recommend visiting this pristine national park, where marvelous beaches of powdery white sand and crystalline water allow you to delight the peace and beauty of its scenes. Despite being an authentic landscape where tourists can isolate themselves from the world,  it’s also wonderful experience elusive to forget!


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