The Art Of Doing Nothing

We weren’t taught how to do nothing. We weren’t taught to be present, calm, in peace. We weren’t taught to live in the moment, to understand that the present, is everything. We weren’t taught to appreciate the silence.

We are expected to know how to do nothing. But, do we really know how to relax and enjoy the nothingness?

Doing nothing it’s far from an easy task, and even if it was, sometimes we even avoid it, because, who likes wasting time? Nobody. And that’s where we are wrong.

We classify doing nothing as a waste of time, as being lazy, when instead it’s a form of art. 

How can peace be a waste of time? We are surrounded by serious, responsible and professional people (including ourselves) that want to be productive and get stuff done. We fill our agendas with multiple, infinite tasks just to keep our minds busy and avoid feeling like we are wasting our time – like we are doing nothing. However, having a busy lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean that all the tasks involved in making our agendas busy have been or will be performed successfully.

This is how, without us even noticing, multitasking has become part of our lives, because of the expectations society puts on us. Thus, sometimes we have to step aside and give things the importance they deserve, starting from ourselves.

Questioning if we really know how to do nothing sometimes can leave us speechless. Of course, we do, who doesn’t? That’s the answer 90% of the people would give. And that’s a totally correct answer, we do know how to do nothing, but we are too busy to actually put it into practice and even when we do it, our mind is away, not enjoying the nothingness.

Doing thousands of things every day and having a busy life doesn’t mean that we perform to the utmost everywhere, in everything. Having a lot of things on our plate doesn’t make us genius who can get everything done without a single mistake. In order to make this happen, in order to be the best in what we do, we have to stop and slow down.

Without being still, there is no way of knowing whether we are going in the right direction. It won’t be until we strip away the need to do something continuously that we realize what really matters in our life.

We need our mind to be “empty” so that we can realize the meaningful things around us such as appreciating a cup of coffee every morning while we enjoy the sun rising or reading a book late at night.

Without doing nothing, we cannot do something incredible. Doing more doesn’t mean doing better. Working hard doesn’t mean being successful. Doing nothing will make everything make sense. 




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