Now That You Are Gone…

There is this picture of us, it isn’t our best picture, but it’s always in my head. We are laughing, you hand is on my shoulder, I have the biggest smile. In that picture, everything was easy. We didn’t yet appreciate the value of time. We didn’t know how hard it could be to be apart.


It’s been two years since that picture. Two years since that memory was captured. Who could have said that two years after, my chest was going to ache, every time I look at it. Who could have said that there are times when I don’t even dare to look at it, because of the tingle I feel touring my body.

Sometimes it feels like you’re half a world away from me. Sometimes I cannot believe I am no longer able to hear your voice.

And honestly, I’d do anything to have to here, right now, so you could see how far I have gone, the woman I have become, and all thanks to you.

However, there is a part of me, who knows you are taking care of me, never being far from me. You are with me every day, every time I take a step forward, I remind myself: I wouldn’t be here it wasn’t because of her. I am reminded how lucky I am.

I wish you were sitting next to me like you used to. I wish I could go back in time.




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