Fake it until you make it

Your perception of yourself seeps into others perception of you.    Leer en español

I’m sure this is not the first time you hear the expression fake it until you make it, but have you ever given it the attention it really deserves, or have you just brushed it off as a silly initiative?

It’s broadly believed that the ones who smile in front of the mirror every morning, even if they do not feel happy, become happier instantly; They faked a smile until they were happy; scientific evidence to fake it until you make it.

Another phrase reminiscent of this idea and also backed by science, is: “look good, feel good“. If one looks good will feel good inside as well – and I’m sure many of you reading agree.

Looking good comes as a result of being happy with what we are and what we have achieved – if we feel good, we look good. However, we tend to not feel as good about ourselves when we are sad or not at our best.

Although this phrase seems logical and we all know that if we look good we should feel good, it goes much further and has much more hidden potential.

What if I told you that by using this phrase, you can be whoever you want to be (within reason)?

Well, you won’t become a great leader or someone you admire out of the blue. You will not close your eyes, believe you are Cristiano Ronaldo, and immediately appear in the Santiago Bernabéu. It’s all about creating a mentality, and from it, creating a lifestyle according to our dreams and expectations.

Looking good and therefore feeling good is the result of consciously deciding who we want to be and what we want to achieve. Depending on our answer to these three questions, we will be able to build a healthy mentality that will help us achieve our greatest dreams or continue to acquiesce in what we already have.

If we are clear about where we want to go and what we want to achieve, the process of accomplishing our dreams will be much swifter and effective than if we do not force ourselves to think about the difference between who we are and who we want to be. If there is a difference between the two, however small, we are doing something wrong.

Nobody is born perfect practice makes excellence a habit. We cannot just try to be perfect from time to time and expect results. Just as those who dream of being professional football players do not train once a week and expect that to be fruitful, we, cannot sit idly waiting for perfection and excellence to happen.

Just as training yields strength, repetition and discipline are the keys to excellence. We cannot expect to be excellent if we are not in continuous desire to excel – if we do not fight for our dreams.

Leave your comfort zone, investigate, find new role models, new inspirations; observe the behavior of the ones you admire, follow their steps and improve them. Always keeping in mind, that the process of achieving improvement, and fulfill your dreams will be difficult. You will find many stones in your way, so always keep in mind: fake it until you make it.



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