Digital Nomad: Youth Choosing Remote Work


If after hearing the word “nomad” the first thing that comes to your mind is, an ancestral freely traveling around, from one place to another tracking the stars so as to find food, it is time to update yourself. Nowadays, nomads have replaced tracking the stars for tracking the Wi-Fi signal, changing their eating utensils for computers and bags.

It is all about taking advantage of the freedom of technology to work and therefore life anywhere in the world. This is such a common job nowadays and we can it in some of the most common professions, such as bloggers, journalists, photographers, sellers or web developers. The only required condition is to have an adventurous spirit and a work that does not depend on a particular geographical location.

Office work is not for everyone. More and more people decide to leave aside the traditional office environment and draw upon working remotely from different places, something that was impossible a back on the past few years.

You might be thinking it is the perfect job because who does not want a break? Who would not want to travel while working? Most of us would love to start such an adventure and explore the world traveling from one continent to another, with nothing to worry about.
But there is a problem, money. Because clearly traveling is expensive, and digital nomads spend their lives traveling, so what about them, are they lucky enough that they do not have money problems? Not at all. Going on vacation is expensive, but traveling is not, you just have to know how to look after yourself to be able to live with about 400/500 euros per month. Don’t you believe it? This is my experience.

How to become a digital nomad

A month after my arrival to Denmark, I found a brochure at university saying,“Spanish students are required.” It was totally unexpected, I never imagined that I would work using my mother tongue in Denmark.

The job consisted of online marketing for a Danish male accessories company, Trendhim. Basically, I had to work as a country marketing manager.

Being a country marketing manager provides me a huge amount of benefits, such as being a digital nomad. Having a job that requires only a computer and a Wi-Fi connection means that it can be done from every part of the world, and is one of my favorite hobbies traveling I decided to start this adventure.

However, in order to be a digital nomad, it is not necessary to travel the world, just by not feeling tied to an office makes you a freelancer. I spend most of my time in Denmark, due to my university studies. But every three months I usually make a quick trip through Europe. And luckily my work does not stop me.

Nowadays, after nine months in this position, I have worked in six different countries (DenmarkSpainGermanyAustriaBelgium, and the UK), when I was sick at home when I had to visit my family in Spain, and even when I wanted to travel with my friends. The only thing I need is my computer and a Wi-Fi connection that allows me to make an office out of everywhere.

My recommendations

If you are one of those who loves traveling and you are thinking of becoming a freelancer my advice would be to be as prepared as possible before making such an important decision if you want to maintain a good lifestyle. When it is the time to go abroad you have to take into account many factors, for example, the weather, or if you really need a change in your life, you should consider the ease of finding apartments and living standards.

You can always undertake this adventure having no idea of what is going on and learn over time. However, it is much easier to have a foothold, until your business as a freelancer begins to work successfully.

In short, you could say that being a digital nomad is like living in a dream with your eyes open, working doing what you love, traveling.

How about you? Would you dare to start such an adventure?



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