Define Your Personal Style

As I said in the last post I am super excited to be helping you guys purging your closet, and I hope you will join me in these wardrobe reform series.

The first step? Defining your personal style! The idea of discovering your own personal style is often too complicated but not impossible. 

While going through different celebrity style icons we can see that they have their own style settled down, a style that always works. Instead of dressing like everyone else, they try to cultivate different looks so as to be unique, in other words, they try to be different


Model: Claire Rose Cliteur

Browsing magazines, Instagram, or reading blog posts are ways of getting inspired and define your style, but sometimes it can be quite frustrating. Our image speaks for ourselves, and if we want to show everyone that we have self-confidence it is necessary to have a well-defined sense of style. In order to achieve that, several steps need to be followed. Let’s begin!

1. Understand your body shape

As a matter of fact, it is somewhat useful to understand your body shape and know which silhouettes flatter you and which don’t. Once this is done you can come back to those celebrity style icons with similar measures to you and take a look at which silhouettes flatter them for a later personal use. However, this is not about obsessing over how to look perfect in a certain way or letting your body define you. It is about discovering what suits you and what makes you feel free and confident.

2. The basics

Behind a good outfit, there is a basic item. This can be a t-shirt, an accessory, a color or a print, or even a beauty trick. Since the basics say a lot about you and your style they tend to be items you feel comfortable and confident wearing. The reason why this step is so important is that those items have special characteristics, cuts and shapes that make you like them are wear them more often. Thus, those characteristics need to be taken into account in your future shopping purchases in order to avoid wasting money on clothes that are going to go directly to the closet forever.

3. Invest in items you will use


Model: Chiara Ferragni

Once your basics are defined it is time to find successful style signatures. These are items that will have and adore forever. This could be for example a lipstick or sunglasses, or every woman favorite: special bags. Italian blogger and fashion designer Chiara Ferragni has 206 bags excluding the low-cost brands such as Zara, Mango, Topshop and so on and wears a different one for each blog post.

4. Find your color palette


Model: Pandora Sykes

Along with the silhouettes and basics, it is necessary to find our color palette if we are looking for a wardrobe that will last a lifetime. I totally recommend following this lifesaver color dressing guide. 

5. Experiment. Do not follow a uniform

Now that we have everything ready, it is time to start playing around with your personal style – trying the make it unique in a way that you feel comfortable with it. I would recommend trying new things, colors that you never wore before, extravagant combinations. Just because having a formula that always works, doesn’t mean that you have to look the same, try combining it with unusual accessories or astonishing color combinations. 

For more information about how to create a wardrobe that will last a lifetime stay tuned to the wardrobe reform series!




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