Dear Future Me

Dear future me,

I bet you don’t remember this moment or this day, because it is a normal day, like any other.  I know in advance that you would never read this letter, or you won’t even remember writing it.  But I felt like telling you a couple of things.

First, I hope you are happy, doing what you love, making your dreams come true. I hope you feel comfortable with whatever it is that you do with your life, and as you always wanted, I hope you are sharing it with someone you love.

I want you to focus on being happy, on enjoying what you have, every detail.  I want you to live the life to the full, don’t think about the past, about the things you could have. Just enjoy what makes you happy, and try to keep it, forever.

I want to think that everything is going alright, that you didn’t forget who you are, and what your dreams, your aspirations are. I want you to seek the highest, as you always did, never letting someone pull you down. I won’t remind you to do your utmost in every aspect of life because I know you, and I know you are already doing it.

I would like to know if you still remember your dreams, and if you have fulfilled them, or at least you tried. I hope you travel as much as you can, so that the map you always wanted to have in your wall, doesn’t have space for more thumbtacks because that means you are happy and fighting for your dreams.

I just wanted to make sure, that you still be the same young girl you once were, but more naive and more determined. Because no one knows better than you what we have when through, you have seen me crying, laughing, you have been with me in my best moments and in my worst.  But we made it, we made it through every rough patch, and that is the reason why you have come out stronger, smarter and more confident than before.

Dear future me, never forget who you once where, don’t forget about me, don’t forget about your dreams. Be happy.


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