Clear Out Your Wardrobe

Welcome to the second step of the wardrobe reform series! Did you miss it?

A couple months ago we were focused on defining our style by choosing those items that we wear regularly. If you need more inspiration choosing these essentials, or simply, it is hard for you to choose among your clothes, fashion magazines are always there for you, and you can probably find thousands of thousands of articles such as 10 items every woman should have. I personally have read quite a few and it totally helped me to categorize my style. For that reason, a little help is always good! But always keep in mind that no one but you can decide your style for you, it is all about your bodystyle, and personality. Don’t let anyone decide for you!

So, now that we have successfully defined our style, let’s dig into the second step of these series! Today is about clearing our wardrobe! As you may know, just by reading these three words, clearing our wardrobe is basically cleaning and getting rid of all those clothes we never wear but take away our precious space.

By clearing our wardrobe we can achieve a well-organized wardrobe where everything can be quickly and easily found. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? Let’s achieve it in three easy steps.


Any ideas about the first step? Making a mess and taking all clothes out of the closet. Sounds messy, but believe me, you will thank me later. Just in case I haven’t been clear enough, by clothes I mean everything, bags, accessories, shoes… everything!

The goal of this step is to be aware of what we have in our wardrobe, what we use and what we don’t. Sometimes we have such a lot of clothes we no longer remember what we have, so let’s refresh our memory a bit.

Did you make a mess? That means you are going on the right path.


Now it is time to try on everything you consider necessary. Take a moment to try on everything you don’t use that often, or everything you are not sure about keeping and think about how to combine it with other items.

During this step, you should have probably noticed there are things you would rather not have bought, that’s a good signal, you need a wardrobe reform, and you are in the right place, keep reading!


I bet that those items you are not sure about wearing or keeping in your wardrobe have one of these characteristics:

  • It’s worn out. All those items that cannot be repaired or are worn out, need to be removed.
  • Unused (doesn’t go out of the wardrobe). We all have clothes that never go out of the wardrobe but have to stay there “just in case” someday we might use them. I recommend removing all those clothes we haven’t wear in the last year, except for those ones that have a sentimental value. But don’t get too sentimental, we are cleaning up!
  • Out of date. This is one depends on the previous one. Most of the items we don’t wear that often tend to be out of date. If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to remove them.
  • Wrong size. We all have clothes where we no longer fit, either because they are big or small. When trying them on, check if you feel comfortable lifting your arms, walking, sitting down, etc. Remove all those items that make you uncomfortable.

You might have noticed that along the article I have mentioned “removing items”. By removing I mean that we have to give them another use, rather than staying in our wardrobe forever.

Other uses can for example be:

  • Donate them. Give away all those items that are not worth keeping but can be reused. There are thousands of second-hand shops and charities, or simply, give them away to friends or family.
  • Sell them. Selling your clothes is a good way to recycle and give them another use, gain some money and turn those unused clothes into something worth buying.

If you followed these steps you might have noticed that we made two piles: what we want to keep and what has to go. And now we are much more aware of what we have and how to combine it.

Nothing better than spending a few minutes thinking about what it works and what it doesn’t, what we want to keep and what we want to sell or donate. We even did good actions, donating items we no longer need to people that might need it more than us. Not to mention that we also did profit, selling things that might not appeal to us, but might for others. Who wouldn’t want to turn a pair of unused shoes into another pair of new shoes / a good meal or a sporadic weekend trip?

Trust me, you won’t regret it. Stay tuned for the upcoming series of the wardrobe reform and join me in perfecting your closet.




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