Behind The Images


After a big month of non-stop traveling from one place to another and catching thousands of planes, sadly, the summer vacation is coming to an end. In one week I will be heading back to Denmark, but before going back to the routine, I still have a few days to enjoy my precious Spain.

Now, it is time to focus on photography, more specifically, on the #VantagePoint project, powered by light, that we started two posts ago. (Find out more here)

Whilst last post was about improving our photography skills, this week is all going to be about appreciating the magic hidden behind the images. Every photo has its own story, was taken in a specific way, for a specific reason and last but not least, took a lot of effort and imagination.

I am so over the moon with how the photos from this summer turned out and I wanted to bring them to state. As Fred R. Barnard said, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ so I won’t have to explain much about them apart from what they can express by themselves. However, the insane places captured, deserve a bit of attention.

The north of Spain though, I don’t think I have one single bad thing to say about it, despite the bad weather we had one day. Going to the north makes me feel like home, the smell of the Atlantic Ocean, the great seafood, spending time with your people, the hot windy summer days… Remains me of my childhood, of my roots, of where I belong.

La Guardia – Rias Bajas

If I had to describe the places we have visited this summer, four words would be enough: places to die for. All of them were peaceful, with amazing views and relaxing. With such amazing places, taking pictures can’t be easier, everything is basically there waiting for you to capture it, without complexity.

As you can see, the pictures are a reflection of what I am saying. The secret to really enjoy your summer vacation, independently of being in the city or the countryside, is to take a step away from the classic tourist itinerary and let the place’s armory lead you. Discover uncommon places, be adventurous and energetic.

My favorite thing to do when going to the north is exploring, doing things that you cannot buy. Walking around nature, smelling different flowers, enjoying the sea smell… Things only noticeable when you experience them. However, there are pictures where all these feelings and sensations can be felt, and just by looking at them you are able to transport yourself and see the magic behind them.

This is one of my favorite photos from this summer. Peaceful and harmonic, in a secret spot in the shade. When I look at this picture I realize the importance of taking note of the little things in life and actually, appreciating them. In this caption, I was inspired by the beauty of nature and I decided it to combine it with a bit of human simplicity.

Last but not least, my top favorite picture not only from summer but from the whole year 2017. A must visit place when going to Galicia (Spain) is undoubtedly The Cíes Island, better known as the Caribbean island in Spain, or at least that’s what the Guardian said when it considered one of its beaches as the best. If you want to know more about these Caribbean Spanish island drop by my last year travel guide, you will find much more information.

Going back to the picture,  I have to admit it was quite hard to make. I kind of put my life in “danger” going down a huge hill to find the perfect rock for the perfect photo. Besides being very happy with the result, although my legs are full of scratches, I was amazed by the view. This island has one of the best views I have ever seen, and words cant give this place justice. It’s definitely one of those places that never stops surprising you, always new places to discover, and new pictures to take.

All I have left to say – allow yourself to get lost in different destinations and take uncommon pictures. You won’t regret it.




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