8 Things You Should Do in Your 20s

Starting a new life chapter is thrilling, but far from simple. Often, when experiencing life changes, such as heading into the 20s, we tend to get caught up worrying about what our needs and priorities are. If that’s your case, take a deep breath – this decade is about figuring your life out.

Along the way, you will encounter problems and get distracted by work, relationships and so much more, but you always need to have in mind that your first priority is taking care of yourself. Make sure that everything you do contributes both to your present and future.

Photo credits: @vanellimelli

Now that I am 19 (nearly 20), I came to the realization that becoming an adult has nothing to do with your age, it’s all about facing the actual realities of a grown up. Realities such as holding a job, paying rent, managing your own finances and much more.

You actually realize that you are an adult when you have to solve your own problems when you notice that if you want something to happen, you have to do it yourself, no one is going to hold your hand in this. Read more here.

You don’t need a mentor or contacts to tell you what to do and how to solve your problems. All you need is enough motivation to learn without someone telling you to do so. You really have to put the time and effort into making your life what you want it to be. For that reason, I will try to simplify a bit this process by focusing on what you should invest time and money in and what you shouldn’t (in your 20s). Along the way, as your goals become clear, your needs will stop giving you headaches.

The actual essentials in your 20s are the foundations. Things like:

Use your time and money on education.

Education is one of those priceless factors in life that you will never regret having. You will never reach the point where the knowledge you have is enough, there will always be new things to learn and benefit from.

Money invested in education is money invested in broadening your mind and spreading your knowledge and skills. Money that will make you richer.

I personally like to try out different things, in order to find out where my passion lies. Don’t become complacent during your 20s, there are the best years of life, and instead, challenge yourself. Be as creative as possible and take every opportunity that may benefit your future.

Buy a cozy mattress.

We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping, so undoubtedly, investing in a good mattress is more than necessary/worth it.

Last year, when I started my university degree and my very first job, I noticed the importance of having a good mattress, the importance of having a good sleep. At some point, you are just so tired that the only thing you want to do it spend time in your comfy bed.

I have always had the mindset that the better your sleep is and the more hours you sleep, the better your brain performs. For example, when I have an important project or exam, I always try to sleep at least eight hours, with no exception.

Learn new skills, and master old ones.

Once again, invest in yourself, in improving your knowledge. Your 20s are the perfect timing to enhance new skills you always wanted to learn. Now is the time to mess up a few times, try new things, things you will end hating and let them guide you to what you really love, to your dream job.

At the end, when you look back at your 20s, you will be glad you invested time and effort in something that didn’t make you that happy because thanks to that wrong decision some good ones came along.

Buy that luxury item you have been dying for.

During your 20s you should focus on saving money, or spending it on experiences, not on things – but once in a while, give yourself a little present and use some savings to buy that item you’ve lusted for months.

Travel lots.

You will never have as much energy as in your 20s, so enjoy it and get yourself lost in different destinations. Have the courage to explore the wanderlust, new cultures, new challenges and all kind of new things.

Learn from every experience and let them make you richer.


Live on your own.

I have to say, little things in life feel more independent than moving out of your home and renting or buying your own place. It gives you the opportunity to have your own space, to be more adult than ever. You will have to learn to manage your own money, savings, make your own food, and be the best housekeeper.

Read as much as you can.

For the third time, invest in yourself! Take time to read and dig into everything you can get your hands on – books, magazines, career advice, forums – anything!

Reading is a way of keeping your mind alive and stimulated, so the more you read, the more aware you become of what surrounds you and the easier life would be.

Invest in home decoration.

Create a cozy and hyggeling atmosphere. Make your home the place you always want to come back. Decorate it according to your personality and needs.

Before I moved to Denmark I didn’t realize the importance of having a cozy home. Your home is the place you are going to spend more time in, so it should be made especially for you, always remember the simple things in life.

Danes invest a lot of money, time and effort in planning their home decoration and so do I since I moved here, and the difference between having a cozy home and not having it is incredible.

I know all of this might seem overwhelming, and there is a lot to think about, but it’s important to have in mind that you learn as you go, and you grow as you make mistakes.

Hope this was useful and as always, I’d love to hear all your thoughts below.




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