5 Tips That Will Make You A Good Photographer #VantagePoint

It’s been a year since the beginning of this blog, and it’s amazing to see the evolution of the website, and how this little corner of the internet has helped me and shape who I am and what I do.

When I started blogging my mind was full of doubts, I wanted to make something different, something catchy. In order to do that I had to explore thousands of blogs, of all kinds, extract ideas from different designs and spend long endless summer nights obsessing with creating a blog worth reading, a blog people want to come back.

Since this process was not exactly easy, I was wondering whether or not to start sharing with you the major lessons I have learned over this first year of blogging. Fortunately, the guys from light.co, inspired me to be part of their #VantagePoint project, giving me a better idea.

This project is all about photography, as you can imagine, but more specifically, about sharing special stories and photos from different locations and how there were captured. Thus, instead of focusing on how to start a blog, which is way more personal, I will take advantage of this brilliant idea ligh.co proposed me, and my next challenge will be to delight you with my photography skills, always taking into account that I am not a professional photographer.

Today I will focus on different ways I taught myself to take good, or at least betterphotos.

1. A Camera Is Just A Camera

No matter how advanced your camera is, it still needs a photographer setting its dials, pressing its buttons, and focusing on something worth capturing. The camera doesn’t make the photographer.

It might be true that with a good camera you’re definitely rewarded with much much better photos, but technology is not responsible for good photos. The photographer is the key.

2. Take Your Time

Initially, they may not be good, but over time you’ll get better and better at it, and they will start to look much more professional.

I look back at old photos and see some awful ones, but also a few great ones, so it is all about getting started and taking every chance you have to capture a good photo.

3. Learn Composition

As soon as you start taking into account the fundamentals of composition, which is not only about framing, but also about colorsmotion and a million of other factors, you will notice the difference in your pictures.

Whilst you can use editing programs to fix your photos, the composition is hard to fudge.

4. Use Inspiration

Inspiration is one of the best ways of capturing a good picture. Use Instagram or Pinterest as sources of inspiration.

Try to understand how the different pictures that caught your attention were captured and why they were captured.

5. Take Pictures Until You Have The Picture

Take into account the environment, there shouldn’t be any trash cans, cables, or anything that could make your picture look bad.

Do not settle for any picture. Take a lot of pictures, until you have one worth sharing.

Stay tuned for the upcoming posts of the #VantageProject and join me in the journey of capturing special moments.  In the meantime keep taking amazing pictures and improving yourselves.




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