No resolutions are the best resolutions

What if the best resolution is to not have any resolutions?


The Art Of Doing Nothing

We weren't taught how to do nothing. We weren't taught to be present, calm, in peace. We weren't taught to live in the moment, to understand that the present, is everything. We weren't taught to appreciate the silence. We are expected to know how to do nothing. But, do we really know how to relax and enjoy the nothingness? Doing nothing it's far… Continue reading The Art Of Doing Nothing

5 Influential Women Who Reached the Top of Their Industries

When talking about success, no one claims to have the right answer. Success is individual with everyone, but at the same time regards all of us. Behind every definition of success, we can find the essentials for building a life for oneself: work, money, productivity, love... The essentials can vary from one to another, but the… Continue reading 5 Influential Women Who Reached the Top of Their Industries

10 Things You Will Regret In 10 Years

A few weeks from now we focused on 8 things everyone should do in his twenties. Goals we need to have. Experiences we have to live. Things we have to buy. A knowledge we have to improve. We learn as we go, as we grow, as we make mistakes and learn from them. One of the biggest mistakes we can ever make is… Continue reading 10 Things You Will Regret In 10 Years

The Secret To Self Confidence

The problem of self-confidence: One of the biggest impediments that prevent us from achieving our goals. When others expect something from us, we tend to feel, and even worse, we are afraid not to live up to their expectations and disappoint them. Even if we are extremely qualified people, who have thousands of years of studies behind, nothing but a… Continue reading The Secret To Self Confidence