The Art Of Doing Nothing

We weren't taught how to do nothing. We weren't taught to be present, calm, in peace. We weren't taught to live in the moment, to understand that the present, is everything. We weren't taught to appreciate the silence. We are expected to know how to do nothing. But, do we really know how to relax and enjoy the nothingness? Doing nothing it's far… Continue reading The Art Of Doing Nothing

Dear Future Me

Dear future me, I bet you don’t remember this moment or this day, because it is a normal day, like any other.  I know in advance that you would never read this letter, or you won’t even remember writing it.  But I felt like telling you a couple of things. First, I hope you are… Continue reading Dear Future Me

Believe In Yourself!

What does success mean? Usually, we associate success with money and work achievement (wrongly). Contrary to popular belief, a successful person is the one who follows his dreams till the end, no matter the obstacles, the hardness, no matter anything, undertaking a huge success with them. Hands up if you have ever felt this sensation. It’s called personal proud. It comes every… Continue reading Believe In Yourself!