A Guide To Choosing Wardrobe Essentials

Now that your wardrobe is perfectly cleared out and you have your style well defined, we are ready to move on to the third step of the wardrobe reform series! Read carefully and pay attention, because this is the key step in order to create an adaptable and flexible wardrobe that ends the struggle of getting ready in the morning. What are the… Continue reading A Guide To Choosing Wardrobe Essentials


Clear Out Your Wardrobe

Welcome to the second step of the wardrobe reform series! Did you miss it? A couple months ago we were focused on defining our style by choosing those items that we wear regularly. If you need more inspiration choosing these essentials, or simply, it is hard for you to choose among your clothes, fashion magazines are always there for… Continue reading Clear Out Your Wardrobe

London Travel Guide

London Travel Guide

Fourth time in London, and as excited as the very first time. For me, London is one of those places you never get tired of visiting, one of those places that have some kind of magic that makes you want to come back. One of those places that no matter how many times you visit, it would always… Continue reading London Travel Guide

Wardrobe Reform

The best part of having a blog is the brainstorming process of coming up with ideas about what to post. Although, some days it is easier than others, every once in a while, creative burns out. Lately, I have piles of ideas in mind, all related to fashion, one of my favorite topics, as you may know.… Continue reading Wardrobe Reform