In August 2017, I left my life behind to start a new adventure. I moved to a char danish city, Horsens, to study my university degree in Information, communication and Technology Engineering, or better known as Computer Engineering.

The purpose of this change was to grow as a person, to experience other environments and to be able to stand on my own in all aspects of daily life. But without any doubt, the main objective was to pursue my university studies in a different environment than the one I had had for the last 15 years.

As a result, I had thousands of my opportunities at my disposal, such as for example starting my career in a field I totally different to the one I am studying at university, marketing.

Thanks to this experience, I am able to focus on my future, on growing as a person.

Expressing my love for fashion & traveling through my self-titled blog & social media, I prioritize my personal taste & opinions in each of posts.

Now my days consist pretty much in a lot of coffee, university, exams, coding, work, styling and lovely international friends.