Athens For 48 Hours

Athens, I find it a little bit hard to write about you…

To be honest with you, at first, Athens seemed like a chaotic city, full of traffic jams and disorder – an overall mess. To my surprise, it was nothing at all like such.

We were there two days – 3 if you count the arrival and departure. And that was just not enough.


We spent half of our first day exploring Athens, where we got to taste delicious traditional Greek food of one of the most historic restaurants in Athens – Strofi. Here we enjoyed Athen’s famous sunny weather to the fullest thanks to Stofi’s outdoor dining area.


Something that I noticed about Greeks is that they really wanted you to enjoy yourself, they were really welcoming and willing to give you the best experience.

Then in the afternoon, we head to our supreme accommodation with breathtaking views where luxury was blended marvelously with natural beauty.


Our resort had an exceptional location by the waterfront and it was situated in Loutraki, just a breath away from Athens and the historical sites of Epidaurus, Mycenae, Nafplio and Corinth Canal.


For those seeking to savor absolute relaxation by the sea, surrounded by nature’s masterpieces, a resort/hotel near the Corinth Canal is the best choice!

We got to enjoy a boat ride along the Corinth Canal, the beaches with turquoise waters, and wonderful landscapes. Absolute cleanliness and wonderful surroundings made our stay the best and more relaxing one!




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