From Paris With Love

After two weeks travelling around Spain, it was about time to take a deserved break in one of my favourite cities: Paris. 

There weren’t many the places like Paris, where I got to enjoy the restaurants, the atmosphere and the boutiques where you can find things you won’t find elsewhere.

Paris always lives up to my expectations, and to share that feeling with all of you, I have collected my favourite Parisian places, little details, the food and the atmosphere in this post.


The most important thing when travelling is finding a cosy apartment/hotel. In my case, after two weeks of non-stop travelling, all I wanted was a place that could resemble my home – with a kitchen you can rely on when you feel like having a relaxing night at home or a special breakfast. Thus, I tried to find a comfortable and central apartment that could help me feel like at home.

Esthetically, most of the apartments in Paris are beautiful, so choosing one is far from an easy task. Thus, the key factor when choosing an apartment, in most cases, is its location, and in our case, we booked an apartment in district 2, a few streets away from the Louvre Museum.

This apartment and its location honestly made our Paris trip much more easy and enjoyable. Loft bed, cliche Parisian window, minimalist bathroom, tiny kitchen…


The Parisian atmosphere hit me in the face as soon as I left the airport and I was able to appreciate and admire the Parisians on the streets and its lovely houses and brasiers. Women, in particular, were the ones that caught my attention the most. They seemed to be full of attitude and self-confidence.  Not to mention their personal style – breaking the fashion trends and following their instincts and personality.


LRM_EXPORT_20180702_200623.jpgPARISIAN GUIDE

Once we have the perfect apartment to make our stay much easier, it’s time to think about the places we want to visit.

To begin with, everyone’s favourite part: the food. Paris is full of off the tourist map  afordable restaurants worth visiting:


Paris New York, 1 Rue Perrée, 75003, Paris, France.
Burgers and cocktails with an American touch.

La Factory,  Rue des Halles, 75001, Paris, France.
Local burger restaurant with a great variety of choices. Highly recommend stopping by for a burger and fries if you are in the neighbourhood.

Le Soleil d’Or15 Boulevard du Palais, 75004 Paris, France.
Go here for the pizza, burgers or fries. Besides the location is perfect – 2 minutes away from Notre-Dame.

Le Comptoir de l’Arc73 Avenue Marceau, 75116 Paris, France.
Undoubtedly my favourite during our stay in Paris. Had the best entrecote here and the pasta was amazing as well. If you are near the Arc the Triomphe, do not hesitate to come here. Best service guaranteed!

Florenza, 7 Rue Tardieu, 75018 Paris, France.
Go here for the pasta. It’s an Italian restaurant so you won’t be disappointed.

Any cliche Parisian Cafe
Every evening we used to have a coffee and eat a little something, whilst watching the city pass us by, in one local cafe and I 100% recommend doing so – you won’t regret it. Besides, most of the cafes and restaurants, in general, have a happy hour you can take advantage of (normally 17h and 21h).



Once again, this post is not going to include any famous/touristic sights – Pinterest those.

Flea Markets: Head south to Porte de Vanves for a most local flea market – crowded of French people instead of internationals.

Galleries – Palais De Tokyo & The Centre Pompidou.

Shopping – Le Bon Marché, Merci & Maje.

Skyscrapers – Tour Montparnasse.






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