Belgium & Germany Travel Guide

Have you ever experienced one of those mornings, when you open your eyes, the sun is rising, it is time to leave your comfy bed, time to start your daily routine, drink that morning coffee with one eye opened and one closed until you are fully awake. And you start thinking about life, people that surround you, what you have achieved so far, and you realize that everything is going smoothly, that you have succeed both in personal and in business life.

One of those mornings when you feel the happiest person alive, when you are grateful for everything you have achieved, for everything that life provides you.

These kind of mornings have been all my mornings since I came to Denmark.

Paradise. That is the first word that comes to my mind when I think about the last five months. Months full of joy, journeys and surprises. All related to each other.

Undoubtedly, my favorite part was traveling. Unexpected journeys that ended up being exciting experiences.

Since a very early age one I have been daydreaming with travelling to Germany, walking around Berlin, appreciating the ornate architecture in Munich, checking if the stereotypes about Germans ring true…In short, exploring the country.

October was getting closer, and with it the university mid semester vacations. Nearly fifteen days to relax that seemed to be the perfect timing to make my dream come true and travel to Munich.

Thus, I got one entire week to explore the hidden wonders in Munich.

The first landmark to visit was Marienplatz, Munich’s main square in the city center. I was there at noon, right in time for the Glockenspiel clock tower show. Every day the clock chimes and figurines twirl on double-Decker levels telling the famous love story from Munich’s past.

The trip continued with a visit to the Nymphenburg Palace, the English garden, the Munich Residence and more and more famous landmarks in Munich.

Marienplatz -Munich
Marienplatz -Munich


It was an amazing week. The country is beautiful, as expected. But the trip wasn’t complete without visiting Salzburg(Austria) – historic birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and a visit to the Alps, a magical place of Germany, and one of the most worth visiting.

Salzburg – Austria
Alps – Munich

After those amazing trips, it was time to go back to Denmark, to the routine, to keep on going with the normal life.

It was mid semester, the most stressful part was coming, with the semester project and the exams. However, there is always a positive side: One week holidays at the end of November. The perfect time to take a few days off and jump on a plane to go to a random destination to relax and get away from the routine.

I cannot add much more of what you can already see in the pictures, but all I can say. I haven’t been this happy in a very long time.

Like on these images from my trip to Brussels. The truth is that, Brussels is a place that has always caught my attention, but I never had the opportunity to actually go. All I needed was a small “push”, and cheap free plane tickets. In this case we took advantage of the black Friday offers.

I could mention a million things to do while being there, like going to the Atomium, The Bourse … the Grand Place with its markets.. the best? Go to Place Ste. Catherine, enjoy the Belgian atmosphere walking around the different markets while eating Belgian food and the most amazing part, going on a ride on the ferris wheel, where you can enjoy an astonishing view. Literally perfect to live a dream with your eyes open.

Undoubtedly, one of my favorite parts was going to Bruges. I could give you a few good reasons to go, or simply good images like these…. Definitely a magical place.

One last thing… If you have the chance to visit Brussels, don’t forget to eat the amazing Belgian waffles!



The Atomium – Brussels

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