A Part Of Me

First of all, let’s welcome you all with a brief introduction. Well, the idea of initiating a blog has drawn in my mind approximately a year ago. As I said in my biography, I’m going to study my undergraduate degree abroad. So during this last year, I have dedicated most of my leisure time to blog-reading about people’s experiences abroad, and what is like to live away from home, especially in my future country of residence, DenmarkAlright so, to be honest, my idea is to elaborate a blog about my experiences, rather than a typical fashion blog, useful and inspirational for those who, as well as me, are willing to go further and live in a foreign country. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

For all of those who have skipped my biography, one of my hobbies is traveling.   

Traveling to other countries and drenching myself in their cultures, either with my family or alone, has always been my main interest.

Since an early age, I have spent my summers abroad. Firstly I began with short stays in an England summer camp which lasted around three weeks, not much due to the fact that I was just a young girl. And, broadly speaking, at those ages, being separate from the comfort zone is hard.

NAVY PIER (2013)

But it wasn’t until I had the chance to meet Judith Glasser, that my life completely changed. She encouraged me to live a new experience along with her family in the States -So, THERE I WENT!- They turned out to be the kind of people you are glad to have met for the rest of your life. Needless to say, they managed to make the most out of my stay, year after year, in all senses.

It is often said that some places have a subjective magic, and we all have to find the one that switch us better. I certainly feel that magic every sigle time I am in Chicago.



They are a family of three children, two twins Deborah and Sophia and the baby (no that much baby anymoreRivka. However, unlike other families, they are special. The mother is a writer  Lea Grover, and the father was suffering from brain cancer since many years, and fortunately, he is now recovered. Nevertheless, what makes them so special is their ability to live the life to the full, no matter what people think or say, the only thing that matters to them is having fun. This is one of the things I most admire about them, not everyone is capable of living like this. As happy as them! 


This,  along with the values they impart their daughters, is what had led me to stay by their side so much time. 


During three different summers, I have enjoyed nearly two months, each year, in Chicago. Some of you might think that three years in the same place can be boring, however, for me it isn‘t. Not only does the place matter, but also the people you are with and being able to enjoy each moment despite the time passed or the distance. 

Thanks to them I had thopportunity to discover other cities, other states, and what it’s more important, wonderful people,  who are like a second family for me. If I had to highlight just one thing, undoubtedly it would be that I have been able to live unforgettable moments, which I couldn’t have lived if it hadn’t been for them. 

These journeys have taught me, to a great extent, to be the person I am nowadays. A person with the strength to go abroad for four years.   

What about you? Would you dare to go abroad for four years?





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